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11 Ways To Ruin Your Presentation Engagement.

These days presenting to clients or pitching to perspective clients in person is becoming increasingly popular. Being in the moment you can really connect with clients ensuring they are clearly understanding what you are trying to communicate. Have you ever thought how your audio-visual presentation can affect the clients view of your product or business? Here’s 11 elements which we see let people down all too often.

  1. PA Speaker system that is too small or under spec for the size of the room or audience.

  2. Not having enough microphones. Sharing the one wireless microphone between the presenter and audience for a Q&A is not going to go well.

  3. Not having the ability to run your computer audio into the same PA at the microphones.

  4. Using or presenting in 4:3 Ratio for your PowerPoint presentation.

  5. Using a small projector in a well-lit room

  6. Standing in front of the projected image and having it on your face/body casting a shadow on the screen.

  7. Not having your projected image line up with the projector screen.

  8. Not having your videos embedded in your PowerPoint presentation.

  9. Not having a holding screen for when you need to jump out off PowerPoint mid presentation.

  10. The Audience not being able to see the presenters face due to the room being dark.

  11. The Audience not being able to see the presenter because they are standing at ground level.

Having a great understanding of the technical side of your presentation is going to greatly improve your audiences’ experience and will improve engagement. We can’t stress enough the benefit of engaging a professional AV company to look after your tech requirements. It will allow you to focus on your presentation knowing you have someone looking after the technical aspects.

Here's some of the work we have done for our clients.

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