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The latest products and the best deals for your Sound, Vision and Lighting needs! Not sure what you need? Our awesome sales department has the experience and knowledge to get the right product in your hands.


Whether you need a completely new system installed or updating an existing system JC Entertainment and Events have access to right brands and install technicians to ensure it meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. We are not for 'brand names', we are for meeting budgets and ensuring quality reliable gear is supplied. Be it audio, lighting or vision equipment we have you covered. All our installations included training and ongoing support as well as access to our maintenance packages. 

Service and Maintenance

Just like a motor vehicle sound, lighting and vision systems require regular maintenance to ensure they are prepped ready to go when you need them. There's nothing worse than system failure right before a client needs to use the system for a presentation, or you have a room full of students and your sound systems not working. Our proactive preventative service packages ensure any faults are identified before they become an issue and that your system is good to go when you need it. Our service packages can be purchased as a one off service or you can get coverage all year round with our bundle packages that include ongoing technical support. 

Initial Consultation 

- Inventory list created with serial numbers

- Thorough clean of all equipment 

- Calculate number of test tags required 

- Identify Storage area for equipment 

- Labelling of system where required 

- Produce operating system for basic every day  use

- Checking current firmware versions

- Identify any repairs required

- Identify any potential faults with system

Follow up services 

- Test Tagging of equipment 

- Installing and updating firmware

- Action any repairs required

- Action any potential faults with system

Proactive Preventative Maintenance Service Call

- Running up and testing of system 

- Checking all inputs and outs of units are working 

- Cleaning of equipment 

- Check of Test Tags

- Checking of system labeling 

- Checking Firmware is upto date 

- Update any firmware 

- Inventory Stock Check 

- Identify and faults or repairs required

- Produce service maintenance report. 

Follow up services 

- Test Tagging of equipment 

- Action any repairs required

- Action any potential faults with system

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