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JC Entertainment & Events

JC Entertainment & Events don't only just create experiences, we also create opportunities. As one of the leading choices for entertainment on the NSW east coast, the JC team are a diverse, knowledgeable and highly professional group that aim to go above and beyond at every event. 

We pride ourselves as a highly professional team of individuals who LOVE our jobs and are proud to be a part of the JC family. We engage people not only on their experience but also their passion and creativity. 

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Managing Director and

Being a part of the music industry was a life-long dream. Each day at JC Entertainment & Events, I get  to live that dream.



Events Director
& Co-Founder

I love the equal opportunity that JC Entertainment & Events provides. It gives me the perfect work - life balance and is one of my creative outlets!


Production Manager

I love the opportunities that JC Entertainment & Events creates for my career.

Warehouse Co-ordinator

The people are great and there is always an atmosphere. Being around music everyday is something that I love.