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10 tips you need to consider before planning an AMAZING event!

ARC - Light Up The Lake - Central Coast Council

As running events is something we are truly passionate about, we would love to share some tips when it comes to running an event. 

Doing some or all of these things will also assist businesses like ours, help you design and run a successful event! 1. What is the purpose of the event? Creating the purpose will set a clear guide in your head about the goals and objectives as why you are running the event in the first place.  Is it a fundraiser, corporate event or is it simply a birthday party? Either way, having a clear picture before you start will ensure the outcome you want to achieve comes to life.  2. How many people do you expect or would like to attend? This is going to determine what size venue you require and how much additional equipment you may need.  3. Budgeting Do I NEED to make a profit?  If so how much? What is my budget? How much am I going to charge to ensure I cover my costs plus if required, make a profit? Once you have clearly outlined the above you can continue to plan your event… Now start to think about 4. Chose your venue Here are some things you may need to consider: 

  • What is the best location for your event.  Remember, it may be better to host it in a central location instead of somewhere closer to you.

  • The room size.  This will depend on how many people you are expecting. 

  • Is their inhouse AV system going to provide a professional sounding and looking event.  (This is where we can help!)

  • What date are you looking to run your event.  Is the venue available on this date?  I would suggest picking 3 suitable dates before you start looking. 

  • Does the venue provide adequate Wifi facilities.

  • Does it have onsite catering or is this something you need to organise with an external catering company.

  • Does the venue have any noise or entertainment restriction? (We have had this pop up every now and then)

  • Does the venue has any “Rules” I.e. no drinks on the dancefloor. If so, will this affect your event?

5. Runsheet Put together a draft runsheet when you start planning your event. 

Consider how long would you like the event to run for, who is speaking where, when is the entertainment on and when is dinner served. 

In the final weeks, review, finalise and send to all suppliers/contractors so the timings are clear. 6. Speakers Firstly, research who you would like to speak at your event.  Have they spoken at something similar then reach out with a clear purpose of why you would like them to speak at your event.  Also, what may be in it for them? 7. Entertainment Well, what is an event without entertainment?  (We are a little bias)

The House Band - Cancer Council Fundraising Event

Having a great MC to welcome and ensure the event runs smoothly is something you must consider.  Entertainment can make or break an event.  Live music creates an ambiance that really sets the vibe of the entire night.  If live is out of your budget, a DJ can also set the tone of the event but please ensure you have the right DJ for your event.  A good entertainment company will be able to guide you to what is right for your event and making sure you have the budget to match your expectations is paramount.  8. Sponsors Having Sponsors on-board for your event can lift the profile of the event and add a financial boast. Before engaging with Sponsors, ensure you have a clear outline of what packages you can offer them so they are getting something in return for their sponsorship.  TIP – Think of a brand that doesn’t compete with yours but shares the same target market. That way you can leverage your audience to help fund your event with sponsorship. This is a great option particularly for community or charity events  9. Promotion of the event Before promoting your event, ensure you have developed a clear message and design an image that is aligned with your brand and event. 

Unfortunately, putting your event on Facebook isn’t going to cut it these days.  You need to ensure you are getting it out to the right people through the right channels. Paid advertising can work wonders through social media, if you are up to speed with targeting the right audience.  Simply boosting an ad isn’t the right way to go.  If you need help with this, we suggest engaging someone experienced in this area.

Videos on social media are much more effective than text posts.  So, get down what you want to say and do a quick video on your Smartphone and post it!!

Live streaming is also a great way to promote!!

Last but we feel is one of the MOST important parts of running a successful event..... 10. AV/Technical requirements

This can make or break your event. You want to ensure your message is delivered clearly!

Bivianos Restaurant Dural - Corporate Event

We cant recommend enough the need to hire a professional to do this for you.

The last thing you want to be worrying about at an event is tech issues.

Hire a professional and you wont have any!

Ensure you have a clear picture in your head about how you want you event to look and sound.

Ensuring you have a great PA system for your audio, Clean and professional vision equipment and utilising lighting to create an atmosphere and photo opportunities will ensure your guests are raving about your event for weeks to come.  If planning and running an event seems scary and time consuming, please contact on of our Event Planners on 1800 268 372 or send us a message and we can help you get started!

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