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Wedding Reception - Where do I start looking?

The Great Hall - Sydney Uni

Choosing where to have your wedding will be one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a newly engaged couple. After creating your budget, its good to start looking at your options straight away, especially if you are looking at a venue that is booked out years in advance!

Here are some things to consider when looking at your special day!

Having your wedding at a venue will set the limit on the amount of guests you can invite. The bigger the wedding venue the more you can invite but this can have an effect on your budget. Also, think about a larger venue, may need additional styling. Something else to consider when writing it into your budget.

Some venues may have an additional charge exclusivity. If you are having a wedding where there are options for multiple weddings on the one day, consider the noise coming from the other wedding to ensure that it isn’t going to affect yours! Nothing worse than having to ask your DJ or band to turn down the music because the speeches from the other wedding are happening right next door! (This has happened to us!)

If you’d prefer a wedding more intimate and low-key, just surrounded by close friends and family, then perhaps a garden marquee is more your thing?

Marquees are the perfect outdoor wedding option. These can be from a simple marquee through to large marquees with flooring and even air conditioning!

Currently on trend are tipis! Again, another perfect outdoor wedding option.

Tipi Love Events & Weddings

Once you know what best suits you as a couple, you can then start writing your guest list and begin searching for places to suit your requirements.

Remember, every couple is different. Just because your friends or family had one thing, doesn’t mean you need to do the same. Pick something that reflects you as a couple and stick to your guns! Its your special day.

Happy venue searching!

The Party Hire Co - Marquee

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