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LIVE MUSIC VS DJs- What You Need For Your Event

JC Entertainment & Events take pride in providing suitable entertainment for all events, no matter the size or scope.

However, choosing the right entertainment for your event can be tricky, so here’s some tips to help!

The first thing you need to do is focus on the event itself- what is it? A wedding, corporate function, birthday party, market stall? Other factors to consider is how large the audience will be, the capacity and rules of the venue, your budget and the performance length.

Then, you can determine what the vibe of the event will be- if there will be dancing, crowd interaction, if you want the music loud or in the background to set the mood.

More lowkey events favour live performances from either soloists or duos, however events where people are more likely to get down and boogie into the night tend to book DJs to get the audience on their feet.

Most DJs will have playlists with thousands of songs to choose from and can work with your requests on the night- so they know exactly what songs to play and what to steer clear of! DJs also can play the original songs as they were recorded, which means you can boogie along to your favourite song as it is. DJs also have more flexibility with genre and can play anything from 70’s rock through to house music.

Live bands and musicians usually have a large range of songs that they play- however, this depends on if they play solely originals or covers, or a combination of the two. There generally isn’t as much flexibility in song selection as with a DJ, however if there are any songs in their repertoire that MUST be played, they would be happy to include it in their setlist.

While a DJ can spread the good vibes by having a little dance behind the decks, there is an element of separation from the party, and there is a limited amount of audience interaction that they can actually do. However, they have greater flexibility in playing songs to suit the moment, working off the crowds energy for song selection as well as having the capacity to play longer set times with minimal breaks.

Meanwhile, a live band or performer has a lot more flexibility in their performance. A band brings a different level of energy by performing songs completely live, reinterpreting your favourite classics or performing their own music, and encouraging the audience to get up, have a dance and sing along. However, they do require more breaks in between sets- which can dampen the mood slightly.

These are the most basic elements to consider when tossing up between a DJ and live music for your event. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and what your preferred style is. If it becomes too hard to choose though- why not just use both!

You can view our options for live musicians and DJs for your event via the link here and send us an enquiry to book in your entertainment for your next event, or call us on 1800 JC EVENTS for a quote.

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