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Looking to further your skills and kickstart your career in the live production industry?

JC Entertainment and Events are running a 4 week short course covering load In and load out skills, audio basics, lighting basics and vision basic skills to further increase your knowledge and provide you with the confidence when starting out on an event site.

Over the four weeks you will get to learn from current industry technicians and get hands on with industry level gear. Who knows you may even walk away with a start in the events industry are a production technician after the four weeks. 


The Course will run on Wednesday nights in September from 6pm to 9pm at our warehouse in West Gosford. The course is strictly limited to 10 participants to ensure that each student gets plenty of practical experience. For more information on the course or to secure your spot head to the link below.


Wednesday 6th September 2023 - 6pm till 9pm 

Wednesday 13th September 2023 - 6pm till 9pm

Wednesday 20th September 2023 - 6pm till 9pm

Wednesday 27th September 2023 - 6pm till 9pm


Short Course

Week 1 – Load in and Load Out

  • know and identify different types of cable

  • know and identify different lengths of cable

  • how to properly tape down a cable

  • how to correctly wrap a cable

  • Correct method for lifting roadcases

  • how to setup and use a mic stand correctly

  • how to setup and use a speaker stand correctly

  • understand the process of setting up a marquee

  • safe and effective  use of weights and ratchet straps

  • effectively setup cable tray

  • effectively and safely setup CCB

  • effectively and safely setup SIte Fencing



Week 2 – Audio Basics

  • Understand the signal flow of audio

  • Build a basic stereo P.A. with at least 1 foldback with at least 2 channels (e.g. instrument and Vocal) and have it operated without feedback with ‘artist’ feeling comfortable

  • Setup a wireless microphone

  • EQ, Noise gates and Compression

  • Gain Structure

  • Digital Consoles/Digital Snakes

  • Understand Signal flow

  • Read and understand Stage Plots

  • 2.1 Build a P.A. System for a four-piece band

Week 3 – Lighting Basics

  • identify the difference between fixtures

  • know how to turn on a fixture and choose colours both manually, and with a remote

  • knowing and understanding how to patch a fixture

  • understanding how to set up fixtures for uplighting

  • knowing how to cable uplights

  • knowing how to setup a party pack

    • setting up a lighting stand

    • putting fixtures onto a lighting stand

    • cabling the fixtures and meeting specific requirements for fixtures

  • know and understand how to read patch plots/ patch sheets

  • understand how patching and channel modes work

  • understanding the signal flow for DMX

  • knowing how to setup and pack down a console

  • understanding and knowing how to patch, set a look and store a cue

  • having the ability to recall a stored cue during operation


Week 4 – Vision Basics

  • Learn about all types of TV’s

  • Be able to safely mount TV’s

  • Be able to use converter boxes to send laptop signal to TV’s

  • How to set up a projector and screen

  • Use of Vision Switch with Camera and laptop Feed

  • Set up of a PTZ camera

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