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How much space does my wedding entertainment supplier need?

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

No one has ever had a pleasant experience when riding on an overcrowded train in peak hour so the last thing you want on your wedding day is an overcrowded venue!

There have been a few venues we have turned up to play at after informing the couple and venue of our space requirements to find us crammed into the corner with no dance floor space. Then, guests table literally 1 metre away then being informed that their table will be removed when the dancing starts!?!?! WHAT!!

My advice to couples when looking at a wedding venue is to really think about space and the layout of your room. Ask your Venue Coordinator to show a to scale floor plan and get them to explain and show you what that looks like. Make sure when the venue say we can hold up to 150 guests that includes the room required for your bridal party table, the wishing well, the DJ or Band, dance floor space and Photobooth.

Here is our top six tips to ensuring everything will fit in your venue

Clarify with your Venue Coordinator if the room capacity is taking into account all the additional elements that make up a wedding reception.

Ask for an example floor plan when doing a site visit and ask them to show you visually

where tables will start and stop, where the dance floor space is and how much room is left between table.

Have a clear plan of what you want your wedding entertainment to look and sound like before you select a venue. If you want a band, have your wedding in a venue that can facilitate a band! Remember people will remember the Ceremony, Food and Entertainment.

  1. Plan as if its going to rain on the wedding day. I know it's not ideal to think about rain on your wedding day but if it does rain and your Venue Coordinator said back at the site visit "It gets a tad squishy inside but we can open up the doors and have people spill out onto the lawn", you want to be prepared.

  2. Pack a tape measure for your site visit prior to booking and don't be afraid to use it!

  3. Overcompensate for space, if you are unsure go a little bigger.

How to calculate your dance floor space

Here's a handy little equation. At most weddings you can plan on 65% - 75% of your guests are going to get up and bust a move through out the night. Work out 75% of the excepted number of people attending and divide by three. This will give you a great size dance floor to suit your guest numbers.

Eg. 100 people attending, 75% of 100 is 75, divide by 3 equals 25 square meters. So a 5m x 5m dance floor space will have you covered.

Want to chat to our team about your wedding entertainment? Let's get started.

Check out some of our floor layouts below:

Want to chat to our team about your wedding entertainment? Let's get started.

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