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The Three "P's"- How To Nail Your Next Presentation

Presenting to clients or pitching to prospective clients in person or online is becoming increasingly popular, as you can connect with clients ensuring they are clearly understanding what you are trying to communicate.

Having a knockout presentation is one way to guarantee a positive view of yourself and your product or business.

Here’s “The Three P’s” we recommend you remember and use to guarantee a standout presentation.

  1. Professional AV- Having a professional company coordinate your audio-visual requirements takes the stress away from presenting so you can focus on communicating your ideas and engaging with the audience. This means you will be supplied with proper microphones, sound, and vision equipment.

  2. Proper Positioning- As presenter, you have to be clearly visible to all members of the audience- this means standing on a raised platform, well-lit, and not obscuring any screens or projections.

  3. Presentation- Finally, the key part of any presentation... is the presentation itself! A great presentation will be in 16:9 ratio, have clear images, and embedded videos and sound. If you want to take it a step further, make sure you don’t have too much text on your slides- utilise infographics, or key information instead. Be sure to use colours which will contrast and avoid any bright colours as backgrounds.

Having a great understanding of the technical side of your presentation is going to greatly improve your audiences’ experience and will improve engagement.

We can’t stress enough the benefit of engaging a professional AV company to look after your tech requirements. It will allow you to focus on your presentation knowing you have someone looking after the technical aspects.

If you need some more tips on presenting, you can read our post on what NOT to do here.

You can enquire about booking JC for your AV requirements here.

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